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"If we accept that sound is vibration and we know

that vibration touches every part of our physical being,

then we understand that sound is heard not only through our

ears but through every cell in our bodies."

                                                            Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Sound is an integral part of many Creation stories from around the world. Although the details differ from culture to culture, these origin narratives all imply that we were brought forth into being as a result of sound vibration through humming, speaking, or singing. Even the scientific model for creation, the Big Bang, denotes that sound and vibration were the beginnings of our known universe.

Human Beings have been using sound for healing since the dawn of time. Sound Therapy is a powerful vibrational modality that is very effective for healing and rebalancing the mind, body and spirit. To better understand how and why sound therapy works, we must look at it from a variety of different angles.


The field of neuroacoustics provides research-based information on how sound impacts brain function and the physical body. Here is a bit about what science has learned:

  • In the developing fetus, the eardrum and skin are the first of the 5 senses to emerge (at around 16  weeks gestation) making vibration the initial way an organism can experience itself.


  • Specific Hz frequencies significantly alter brainwave patterns, and this can be measured with electroencephalogram or EEG.


  • There are measurable brainwaves that are associated with levels of consciousness. 

                *Delta Waves (0.5 -4 Hz) are found in deep sleep state

                *Theta Waves (4-8 Hz) are found in the deep meditative state and R.E.M. sleep state

                *Alpha Waves (8-13 Hz) are found in the relaxed and receptive daydream state

                *Beta Waves (14-40 Hz) are found in the awake and alert state

                *Gamma Waves (35-100 Hz) are found in states of heightened consciousness and are

                  associated with improved memory, compassion and unity consciousness.

  • The brain, upon exposure to specific tones or Hz frequencies, can move easily from an alert state to a relaxed or sleep state. Thus, sound can be used to elicit a desired level of consciousness.


  • Binaural beats allow the brain to experience tones that are at a lower frequency than those that are in the normal range of human hearing. They are known to synchronize the electrical activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and affect both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

  • Studies have shown a direct correlation between low frequency sound waves and decreased          cortisol (stress hormone) levels, as well as lower blood pressure.     


Cymatics, which is the "study of wave phenomena", sheds more light on these fundamental principles by making sound visible. Cymatics can be traced back to the 17th century in the written record, although we know from drawings, sculptures and architecture, that this important knowledge has been passed down for aeons. Simply explained, Cymatics demonstrates that when matter such as water or sand is exposed to sound vibration, the molecules arrange themselves into perfect geometrical shapes. There is a specific, consistent shape for each Hz frequency or tone. The higher the frequency, the more complex the shape.


This discovery is hugely important as it shows that sound indeed affects matter, and also that sound vibration gives rise to form. Well, we are made of matter, are we not? And more specifically, we are made mostly of water. As humans, our bodies are roughly 60-75 percent water by volume. As we gaze upon cymatic images and see the beautiful, sacred geometrical shapes that emerge when water is exposed to sound waves, it is easy to understand how sound heals. As sound waves interact with the molecules within our bodies, we in essence become that steady, harmonious sound frequency.  


          Water : 14 Hz




Sound Healing

A trained Sound Therapist draws upon scientific research, experiential evidence, ancient wisdom and intuition, to provide a more integrated approach to healing. Individuals skilled in this modality utilize a variety of vibrational tools such as tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, drums and specific hertz frequency tones, to reset and entrain the body, mind and energetic fields of the receiver. Sound therapy promotes relaxation, which places the body in the optimal state for healing to occur. It is safe to use by itself, and is a perfect complement to other medical and holistic treatments.

Sound therapy is also used by many people for spiritual expansion and growth. As we know, specific hertz frequency tones can be used to significantly alter levels of consciousness. This may allow the experiencer to tune into other dimensional planes of reality, where greater awareness regarding the Self and their personal journey may be gleaned.

Our Experience

As practitioners of Reiki and Lithotherapy, we discovered Sound Therapy quite organically. We were intuitively guided to bring in vibrational tools to remove energetic blockages and move stagnant energy during Reiki sessions. The impact of the sound was so immediate and efficient, we decided to begin every session by using tuning forks on the physical body, each chakra and the energetic fields. The results were phenomenal. Sound Therapy alone was able to significantly relax the physical and mental bodies, balance the chakras and expand the mind + heart of the receiver. This allowed for a much deeper and more profound experience when followed by Reiki and Lithotherapy. Clients were reporting almost psychoactive states of consciousness with heightened clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. They were in a dream-like state, yet fully consciously aware and able to bring back important information regarding their soul's journey. Positive and permanent changes were occurring with sound therapy as if the body, mind and spirit were being rewired and recalibrated to a higher frequency.


These incredible experiences inspired us to create our Group Sound Immersions. We absolutely believe in the power of sound as a healing modality. Below is a list of the benefits of Sound Therapy as reported by clients, and from our own perspective as practitioners:

  • Profound relaxation of the physical body


  • Feeling waves of energy or heat moving through the body

  • Relief of physical pain, muscle tension, and nerve pain

  • Clearing and Releasing of energetic blockages


  • Alleviating feelings of anxiety and depression


  • Enhanced ability to be fully present in the moment


  • Significant emotional releases

  • Feeling "Lighter" and more energetic

  • Seeing colors, light, images and geometrical shapes

  • Having direct communication with Higher Self and Guides

  • Experiencing altered states of Consciousness

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Heightened clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance

  • Astral projection and dimensional traveling

The effects of utilizing sound cannot be overstated. As with all healing modalities, personal experience is everything, and yours will be as unique as you are. We strongly encourage you to explore whatever sound tools resonate with you. Here are some easy ways to incorporate sound into your life:


  • Sound Meditations: Listening to various hertz frequency sound meditations (such as 432 hz and 528 hz) can recalibrate your physical body and energetic fields. Tuning into these frequencies during meditation or before sleep can enhance multi-dimensional experiences. Journal or record and thoughts, feelings or dreams you may have.

  • Tuning Forks: There are a variety of different tuning forks (chakra, solfeggio, fibonacci, weighted) that are calibrated at specific hertz frequencies to ameliorate physical pain, promote healing and balance the chakras + energetic bodies. Tuning forks are quite easy to use by yourself and great fun to explore with a partner.

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls: These ancient sound tools are believed to have originated in India, then brought to Tibet and China many centuries ago. Singing bowls are made from a variety of different metal alloys, and are played by rubbing a mallet along the rim in a circular motion. The tone produced is a harmonic of several frequencies, which can facilitate deep meditative states and balance energy. Every antique singing bowl has slight variations which make its sound unique. To pick the perfect singing bowl for you, simply listen to its song with open ears and an open heart. You will intuitively be drawn to the tone that deeply resonates with your own vibration.

  • Crystal Singing Bowls: First created in 1990, crystal singing bowls are made by heating silica sand (tiny quartz particles) in a mold at extremely high temperatures (4000 degrees F), then sanding them down to achieve the desired sound. These bowls produce beautiful sustained tones when played, and also exhibit the same magical properties of quartz: pyroelectricity, piezoelectricity, amplification of energy and storing of data (thoughts or intention).

  • Toning: Vocal toning connects you with your own unique and sacred vibration. Defined simply as "creating long sustained vowel sounds with your voice," this ancient practice requires nothing more than your vocal chords and breath to heal and balance your entire Being. Visualizing each cell of your body and your energetic fields coming into resonance with the frequency of your own voice is an incredible practice.

  • Mantras: Rooted in religion and spirituality, the word mantra is described as a "sacred utterance or prayer." A mantra can be a single word (like Aum or Love) or a phrase that symbolizes your desired focus and outcome. Through chanting, mantras utilize sound vibration (your voice) and thought (intention) to create a deeply personal space for healing. Getting into a meditative state and repeating your mantra by either speaking or singing is incredibly powerful. There are many beautiful, ancient Vedic healing mantras available to explore, or you can create your own.

  • Nature: Listening and connecting consciously to nature's symphony is so powerful + healing. It is a wonderful tool to bring you into the present moment, reminding you of your unbreakable connection with the world around you. You are part of the Earth and she is part of you. Ground yourself into Her, connect with Her heart and listen to the sweet healing tones and rhythms that flow through Her. 

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