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A Group Sound Immersion is a meditative sound experience that is created for you with love and intention. Using a multitude of sound tools including chimes, specific hertz frequency tuning forks, Tibetan + Crystal singing bowls and our voices, we will gently guide you into a profound state of deep relaxation. By simply listening to the sounds flowing in and around you, your mind, body and Spirit are able to be fully present in the moment. This assists you in connecting more deeply with yourself and the magnificent world around you - both seen and unseen.

Personal comfort is key during a sound immersion as you will be lying down for approximately 70 minutes. Please bring your mat, pillows, blankets and whatever items make you feel comfy, cozy and safe. Eye masks will be provided. It is important to note that just as every individual is unique, each sound immersion will be unique and quite personal to the experiencer. No two sound immersion experiences are ever the same as we are always growing and evolving. Just bring an open mind and heart, and trust the process as it unfolds for you.


Sound Immersions are wonderful for getting grounded, centered and recharged every month. We absolutely love to connect with all of you beautiful Souls in this way. Please check out our upcoming events below. If you are interested in booking a private sound immersion for yourself or a small group, please email us directly. We LOVE you!

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