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We are Marilyn + Melissa,  joining together to assist Humanity as we all remember who we truly are: magnificent and powerful Beings of Light and Love. As life-long seekers of spiritual wisdom and ancient truths, we discovered our mission here on Earth - working with the mineral kingdom and the beautiful, healing energy from Source.  


We believe in the science of stone healing. Stones are an integral part of our daily lives and we trust in their power to heal completely. We have spent countless hours researching the composition and vibrational frequencies of many, many stones and are thrilled to share what we know with you. We believe in the radical transformation that can take place with Sound Therapy and Reiki, as we both have had profound personal experiences with these modalities. As Usui Reiki practitioners, we believe that ALL energy healing work can be exponentially amplified by the addition of sound tools and stones.


We are honored and privileged to hold your intention for healing during a Sound Immersion or Reiki Rocks session. Yet, our deepest desire is to assist you in rediscovering your magical powers of self-healing, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. As a HEART-based practice, our approach is ALL about the love: creating a space for healing and expansion in a peaceful, uplifting environment that encourages positive and permanent change. We want you to embrace your unique abilities and immense strength as the radiant and Divine Being that you truly are! In love and service - M + M

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*We are Certified Usui-Tibetan Reiki practioners and Certified Lithotherapists.

            We never tire of learning and doing the work of light and love!

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