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"Because of their special geometric patterning, crystals are able to tap into universal energy patterns and frequencies that science is only beginning to discover."  

                                      -Dr. Richard Gerber

The Science Behind Stone and Crystal Healing

The art of "laying on of stones" or Lithotherapy has been recorded throughout history for millennia, and these ancient texts are found all over the world. The concept of stones as teachers, healing tools, transmitters and receivers of energy has been acknowledged by many different cultures for ages. Why have crystals and stones been so highly revered since the dawn of civilization? 


The shape and structure of their atoms provide something that we as humans do not have - a nearly perfect and constant vibrational frequency. EVERYTHING in the universe is a vibration. Crystals and stones are unique in the sense that they have a strong and unchanging physical structure. Each crystal or stone vibrates or pulsates energy at a reliable and steady rate, or "dominant oscillatory rate" (DOR). This vibrational frequency is determined by its internal structure, composition and color. Through the principle of entrainment, when you allow a stone or crystal into your field, its steady and unwavering frequency interacts with your own energy and brings it into a more balanced state.


When your body is in a natural state of health, the vibrational frequencies of your cells, your organs, your entire self are working together, like a symphony that is harmonized and beautiful. Your body falls into a state of dis-ease when the vibrational frequencies are static, chaotic or disharmonious. Placing crystals and stones on or near your body can assist in bringing your physical and energetic bodies back into a state of balance.

Helpful Hints for Using Your Stones


*Get to know the energy of each stone - Spend a few days with one stone and be mindful, really tune in to the physical sensations, feelings, thoughts and messages that are coming to you. 


*Sleep with your stones every night - Placing stones on or near the body during sleep can do the energetic "heavy lifting" without any conscious effort on the part of the user.


*Meditate with your stones - When connecting with your stones using intention during meditation, a shift in vibrational frequency leading to profound healing on all levels can take place.


*Carry your stones with you every day - Pay attention to your energy level and your mental and emotional states. Notice how you feel when encountering known stressors. 


*Keep a dream journal - As you become more balanced and open, you may notice your dreams changing significantly: you may remember more of your dreams; you may have more clarity regarding the meaning of dreams and messages received; your dreams may be more vivid and multidimensional.


*Get to know the composition and properties of each stone - There are so many amazing BOOKS available that can provide a wealth of information on the properties of stones. Remember, these are merely guidelines, so take only the info that resonates with you. Be mindful that each stone you incorporate into your life will create its own fusion with your unique energetic signature. Therefore, your experience will be quite personal.


In our opinion, these five stones are absolutely essential to have in your healing toolbox. They will be your steadfast, unwavering allies as you travel along your path of healing. 

​Black Tourmaline: The stone for transmuting energy.  Having black tourmaline on your body or in your field can take chaotic energy and bring it into a neutral, balanced state.


This stone feels: calming, grounding, relaxing, protective, earthy.


Smoky Quartz: "As above so below" would best describe the beautiful properties of smoky quartz. With the high vibrational properties of quartz and the strong, rooted energy of this beautiful planet, it truly is a marriage of heaven and earth.

This stone feels: protective, supportive, mysterious, grounding, magical.

Amethyst: This stone has been highly revered and utilized for healing since the most ancient of times. Wearing or using amethyst creates a high-vibrational shield around you. Its energy facilitates deep meditative states, making it perfect for connecting to the Divine.

This stone feels: light, angelic, uplifting, soothing, empowering, protective.

Rose Quartz: The stone of love. Whether you are working on self-love, unconditional love of others or overall heart expansion, you won't find a sweeter energy than the frequency of rose quartz. 

This stone feels: loving, joyful, bright, positive, expansive, connecting.

Clear Quartz: Quartz amplifies energy and is programmable, making it the perfect companion for broadcasting your intention to the Universe. When it has completed its task, simply clean it (we recommend cleaning with sound) and it will be ready for another mission. Clear Quartz can be found in a variety of beautiful and interesting formations.

This stone feels: powerful, direct, light, wise, mesmerizing, pure.

(Bottom Left) Black Tourmaline; (Top Left) Clear Quartz; (Top Right) Rose Quartz; (Center) Amethyst; (Bottom Right) Smoky Quartz

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