It is our perspective and belief that we, as a Collective of Humanity, are actively bringing forth a New Earth. This is big + exciting work that we have all chosen to do in our own unique ways. Be the Light is dedicated to this mission through our individual healing sessions, workshops and retreats, community involvement and our podcast. It truly takes a village to keep us open and operating. If you find our work meaningful and you would love to support us, here are some of the ways you can help.




Love is the very fabric of all existence and it effortlessly transcends time and space.Your thoughts of love and kindness uplift, elevate and inspire us. Please know that every vibration of love sent our way is deeply felt by us, and appreciated more than any words can express. 

If you are enjoying the Be the Light Podcast, please take a little bit of time to rate us + write a review on iTunes. This helps us to reach more beautiful people just like you who may not know about the work we have been guided to do. Your opinions and perspectives truly matter to us and we want to hear yours!

Monetary donations are extremely appreciated as they assist us in continuing the work we feel so passionate about. A steady flow of money allows us to make more podcasts and to provide free stones + healing sessions to those who are less financially abundant. Love and Thank You to all who support our work! 

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