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The Best of TReb and Aridif

This episode is a curated collection of conversations with TReb and

Aridif, the amazing high-dimensional guides that are channeled by our

beloved friend, Rob Gauthier. We strongly recommend that you listen to

episode 111 "E.T. Whispering with Rob Gauthier", where Rob discusses his relationship with these beautiful extra-terrestrial beings . We get to explore many exciting concepts such as the Multi-dimensionality of the Higher Self, Shared Incarnations, Melchizedek, Bipedal Tree Beings...just to name a few.

TReb and Aridif are very near and dear to our hearts and we wanted to honor them and the work they do in assisting the Collective of Humanity. There is an absolute wealth of insight, wisdom and guidance within these conversations, and we hope that you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it.

P.S. Drinking Game: Take a shot (your drink of choice) every time Marilyn says "DENSELY PACKED"


Rob's website: Rob's youtube channel:

*Artwork by Eduardo Khen Song: "Ten of Cups" by Pheno Song: "Magnanimous" by Pheno and Jah'di Theme Music: "Be the Light" by Frequency Jones

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