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E.T. Whispering with Rob Gauthier

We had the absolute honor and privilege to share a magic moment in time and space with our beloved friend, Rob Gauthier. Known as "the ET Whisperer", Rob has connected to and channeled hundreds of different Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Beings over the last decade. He is a teacher, an author and along with his partner Kalina Angell, created "The Channel Panel", a yearly event that brings many channelers together to share their wisdom and insight with the Collective. Rob shares a treasure trove of content on his youtube channel, and in the E.T. Whisperer Patreon Community. As always, we encourage you to visit all of the links below. Enjoy!​

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TReb Bor yit-NE


Kalina Angell

Earthseeds and Starseeds

*Music Credits: Pheno. "Looking Around at the Speed of Light"

Freeman. Freeman. "Golden Monkey". Partisan Records, 2014

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