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Reiki Rocks is an ever-evolving process that combines Sound Therapy, Reiki, Lithotherapy and Aromatherapy into one very powerful healing session. We are life-long Seekers and we are constantly learning and growing both personally and professionally. We gain insight and awareness with every session and our practice is ALWAYS expanding. As new healing modalities and techniques are discovered and explored, we are naturally excited to integrate them into the Reiki Rocks experience.  


Your session actually begins as soon as we receive your call. When you schedule an appointment, we reach out to your Higher Self for guidance on how we can best assist you. We will visit briefly in order connect more deeply with you. We believe that your session has been Divinely orchestrated by you, your Higher Self and all of your guides, making it an exact point in space and time where your Intention meets Creation. Therefore, we will be asking you to determine your intention for the session, and to fully and completely hold it in your heart as you begin this beautiful journey into yourSelf. 


Each Reiki Rocks session begins with a 15-minute Energy Transmuting layout. We will surround you with Black Tourmaline which eases your entire Being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers – into a neutral and receptive state. We then place tuning forks that are calibrated at specific hertz frequencies (50Hz to 4225Hz) on the body, and then up to the ears so the tone and vibration are felt and heard. Next, we will place stones and crystals on and around your body. Every stone layout is unique and specific to each Soul that is on the table. Using the Universal language of sacred geometry, we will create crystal grids upon each Chakra that allow energy to flow through your body more effortlessly and harmoniously. We will then begin Reiki on your physical body, as well as your etheric, astral and causal fields. Your session will close by being completely immersed in the tranquil sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chimes.


Reiki Rocks is most definitely a multidimensional experience which transcends many layers. Healing, clearing, releasing, activating and upgrading indeed take place while you are on the table. Information and messages can be given to you in the form of spiritual zipfiles, waiting to be unlocked and examined at the exact moment you are ready to assimilate and integrate them fully. This is a deeply personal experience. Anything that comes across your awareness during the session is significant; NOTHING is random. We encourage you to record or journal any thoughts, feeling states or memories that come to you. Pay particular attention to your dreams and to any synchronicities that occur in your daily life.  


It is important to note that these tremendously powerful vibrational therapies heal, balance, charge and restore whatever is needed most at that particular time. Individuals may experience significant emotional releases – there is no right or wrong way to be on the table. It is always perfect because you ARE perfect. As an ever-evolving Divine Soul, each session is unique to where you are on your journey, and will illuminate the path to self-awareness, growth and clarity.


The entire session lasts approximately 3 hours. We strongly encourage you to not be encumbered by any stressful situation after your session.  


  • You will be fully clothed for each session, so please wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing if possible. We do place some stones directly on your body, so ladies, wearing a tank or cami underneath your shirt would be ideal.

  • Reiki Rocks does not involve any body or tissue manipulation. However, we will lay hands (and stones) on you.

  • In order to ensure an optimal healing experience, please treat that body as a temple before your session! This means *strive* to make your body a chemical free zone (drink lots of water, avoid alcohol or smoking)

  • Everyone leaves a Reiki Rocks session feeling relaxed and centered; however, this can be a profoundly powerful experience which may bring some strong emotions to the surface. By trusting the process, you will inevitably gain a much deeper connection with your Self.


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