Our signature session combines several vibrational healing modalities including Reiki, Aromatherapy, Lithotherapy and Sound Therapy. During your Reiki Rocks Session, we get into a very deep meditative state which allows us to receive information from your Higher Self and your team of guides in the form of auditory, visual and clairsentient messages. We will each make an audio recording of the information and higher wisdom we received. We will recommend meditations, practices and stones we feel may assist you on your sacred personal journey. As always, each session is tailored for the specific healing needs of the client. For a more detailed description of this session, click HERE


Please allow 3 hours.




Our Group Sound Immersions are a wonderful way to get grounded and centered. Our sessions are always intuitively guided to provide the most beneficial and needed healing. Join us every month as we co-create this beautiful experience together. Go to our SOUND IMMERSIONS page for a more detailed description and for a calendar of upcoming events.

We are also available for Private Sound Immersions. Contact us for more info.


Because Reiki healing is multidimensional, it effortlessly transcends the constructs of time and space. Every element included in Reiki Rocks is utilized in our Distance Reiki session, making it equally as potent and powerful. We will be in contact with you before the session to discuss your specific needs and your intention for healing. Distance Reiki is perfect for those individuals who prefer to be in their own home or sacred space. All you need is your beautiful Self, and to be open to receiving Universal healing energy and unconditional love. 


Distance Reiki Rocks - 100$

Distance Reiki with Recorded Post-Session Consultation - 150$


If you are feeling guided to learn more about the science of Lithotherapy and the practical applications of this ancient healing modality, we are thrilled to offer private intensive mentoring. This can be done in person if you are in the area, or by skype. We prefer to work with an individual or a small group so that maximum learning can be achieved. Please contact us to discuss your desires and intentions, and we can tailor a class that specifically fits your needs.

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