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AS-CEND [uh-send]  verb 

1. to move, climb, or go upward

2. to rise to a higher point or proceed to a superior level

3. to gain or to succeed

4. to go toward the source or beginning.


Ascension is a process that humanity is currently experiencing on both an individual and collective level. The Earth is receiving highly charged photonic particles from our sun, which is changing our physical bodies and raising our consciousness. On a spiritual level, we are returning from a state of disconnection and chaos, to a harmonious state of oneness and love. Every human has innate, extraordinary senses that are being heightened and becoming more accessible as changes to our DNA are taking place. Many people are "waking up" or "coming online" and experiencing themselves and the world in ways they never have before. Actively participating in the Ascension process will make the transition into these higher frequencies much smoother. It takes great courage, integrity, self-awareness and self-love to transform yourself into a high-vibrational Being. This is an AMAZING time to be alive on planet Earth.  What did YOU come here to do? 


Ways To


*Meditate, Meditate, MEDITATE!  Your consciousness is the interface between your physical body and ALL that IS.


*USE your STONES!  These beautiful gifts from Gaia are here to assist us. They can be used for EVERYTHING: grounding energy, physical and emotional healing, connecting with your guides and yourSelf, clearing and releasing things that no longer serve. Let them do the heavy lifting! 


*GROUND into the heart of this beautiful planet!  It's all about magnetics. Take your shoes off and plant those feet on the soft grass. Hug a tree, walk in the woods, dig in dirt, or spend time in water. Human beings are the only species separated from the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth by rubber soles and enclosed buildings. We need the Earth's energy as much as She needs ours. Turn this practice into something truly transformational by using your consciousness to connect with the consciousness of the Earth and all living beings.  


*NURTURE YOUR SOUL. Get Creative! Do things that make your heart zing with positive uplifting joy. "Active Meditation" is a perfect way to channel your Higher Self.  


*PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Every moment of every day provides us with opportunities to be grateful. When you seek to find the blessings in your life, you will always find them. Gratitude as a mindful practice blasts open the heart, promotes feelings of peace & safety, and encourages compassion & kindness towards ourselves and others. 

*SERVE HUMANITY.  If we look around with open eyes and hearts, we see that each day showers us with endless opportunities to be of service to others. Every soul on this planet has unique, extraordinary gifts that can be shared with the world for the benefit of all. Do whatever you feel called to do. This can be as simple as smiling and uplifting those around you, or taking the time to listen to a friend. All truly selfless acts of kindness from the grandest of gestures to the seemingly mundane daily interactions, bring light, love & hope to people and places greatly in need of that energy.


*PRACTICE USING AND TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION.  Your body's energy field provides feedback about people and situations that is relayed to the body in the form of physical messages such as goosebumps, headaches, changes in heart rate, gut feelings, etc. Consciously communicating with your Higher Self and guides will open a flow of information that is relayed through thoughts, dreams, daydreams, auditory messages, visual (third-eye) messages or an inexplicable "knowing". Trusting this direct line of communication will make navigating the world much more efficient and pleasant.  


*As you get more adept at utilizing your intuition, you will be aware of what people, places and activities resonate with your current vibrational frequency. As your frequency increases, you will naturally gravitate towards all vibrations that are in harmonious resonance with yours. It's just pure physics at work. Let yourself "level up" to new experiences and people coming into your life, and do not be afraid to allow what no longer "feels" right to simply fall away. 



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