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Be the Light is dedicated to holding a space for healing, growth and expanding consciousness. We are eternal seekers, always ready to discover wisdom from the world around us - both seen and unseen. These truths are as ancient as the Universe itself, and are easily accessible to all beings - you need only open your heart and mind. You being here is no random occurrence. It is an opportunity for us to co-create a beautiful experience together, and we honor your unique vibration and path. You are LOVED.


Be the Light PODCAST is some real talk about consciousness, connection and how to stay woke in a world of distractions. In each episode we will be exploring concepts and topics relating to shifting paradigms of reality. We are so excited to shine a spotlight on some amazing people and organizations serving humanity through a variety of unique and profound ways.

No matter what our age, we are all children of the Earth and our true mission here is to experience, learn and grow. Exploring with an open heart and following what excites the soul, is the path to discovering your own unique gifts and natural abilities. It was through this process that we remembered our true calling: utilizing Crystals, Sound and Light for healing. Our passion opened doors to learning about many subtle-energy healing techniques. We are thrilled to share with you what we know, which is always expanding as we have new awarenesses and insights. As you look around, know that our deepest wish is that we may be a spark of light illuminating the paths of all true seekers guided here.  

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